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Application Module

The department has provided the facility of ERP solution for increasing the work efficiency and strengthening the department to reduce the data loss. This web based ERP solution has been developed by Tech Mahindra having (URL: http://idup.gov.in/UPIDWeb). The Web based MIS application modules contains 26 module which covers all the works of the department so that each data can be kept on the system and reduce the data loss and paper cost in the department.

These 26 modules are:-

Executive Function:-

1. Assembly and Parliament Question:-

In this module we track the question asked by the legislative body in the parliament by maintaining the record like Question, Assurance, Session and committee.

2. Asset Details:-

Asset Management module will track all the asset related activities. In this module we maintained the record of Asset details, Building details, Land details, Sales account, Bidding details, Survey report, Tree register.

3. Audit & Draft Para Management:-

In Audit & Draft Para Management we will keep the records of Audit, Audit Details, Auditor Details, Audit Objection Raised, Objection Register, Para Details & Reminder on Unsettled Para.

4. Budgeting:-

In this module we will maintain all the budget of the department. We maintain the record like account head, object master, annual budget demand, allocation, interim budget demand, allocation of fund for budget, CCL demand, Reappropriation, surrender request, compiled request, bill details, treasury record, reimbursement details, account return.

5. Contracts Management:-

In this module we keep record of Contractor registration and renewal, Contractor Accounting, Contractor Masters and Reports. In Contractor Registration and Renewal we track things like Contractor Registration, Blacklist Contractor, Contractor Registration Renewal and Contractor performance.

6. Litigation:-

In this module we track the court cases, by maintaining the record like Case number, name of court, court district, parokar , category of case, nature of case, first hearing of case, next hearing date, dealing authority

7. Human Resource Management:-

In this module we include sanction of post and recruitment, joining, employee service details, rewards programs, separation, attendance and leave management, transfer and deputation, performance appraisal, training, travel and reports.

8. Financial Accounting:-

In this module we track all the financial transaction by maintaining the record like Cash book Master, cheque book master, balance details, cheque register, renewal of cheque, other bills, Search Voucher, Receipt book master, receipt detail, payment to treasury, imprest account, adjustment account, petty payments.

9. Payroll Accounting:-

In this module we will maintain the record related to the Employee Pay, Pay Calculation, Pay Fixation, Time Bound Pay scale Revision, Allotment of GPF, Nomination Details, Advance Requisition, Allowance-Deduction Head, Employee Allowance/Deduction, Investment Details, Other Deduction, Leave Encashment, GIS final withdrawal & Link Deposit Insurance Details.

10. Procurement and Tender:-

In this module procurements and tender information are collected and maintained by maintaining indent, tender, tender sale, tender documents, bid, agreement, drill book and reports.

11. Revenue:-

In this module revenue related information are collected under Tauzi statement details, revenue refund details, rent register, revenue items, revenue rates, details of amount realized, target and realization and reports.

12. Store Accounting:-

In stores accounting module details of stock reserve limit, stock closure, indent for stores, stock items transaction details, supply order details, stock item issue rate details, store monitoring details, old and Unserviceable items, unstamped receipt details, maintain stock and tools and plant items.

Technical Function:-

13. Monitoring and Evaluation:-

In this module we will track the all the activities of the department and all the modules are monitored. We will keep the record like WUA (minors), Meeting details, meeting details of sinchai bandhu, periodic meeting details, follow up action, seminar details, details of delayed works, WUA works.

14. Construction of Project:-

In this module we will maintain the record related to the construction of Project by maintaining record like Executed drawing, land acquisition, land compensation, land case details, acts and procedure to land system, project progress report.

15. Dam Safety Monitoring:-

In this module we will maintain the record related to the Dam Safety by maintaining record Dam Details, Dam Document, Health Status, Dam Checklist , Generated Inspection Report, Health Status Report, Fund Requirement, Pending Proposal & Generated Dam Data Report.

16. Design of Works:-

In Design of works we will keep the records of Details of Data required for Design Of works, Design Guidelines, Calculation Details, Site Visit Details, Correspondence Details, Create New Letter, Note and order/Design criteria, Drawing Details, Drawing Register & Master of Design Data Requirement for Structures.

17. Drainage Improvement And Maintenance:-

In this module we explain drainage improvement and maintenance in various subparts including drainage inspection checklist, maintain drain design parameters, maintain drain details, maintain details of field inspections, maintain location-wise drainage factor, maintain records of estimates for maintenance of drains, records details of silt load in drains, record discharge at a chainage of a drain, record total submerged area of a drain for a year, sanction limit of drain maintenance estimate and drainage reports.

18. Flood Control Management:-

In this module we will keep all the record pertaining to control the flood from river basin.

19. Investigation & Planning:-

In Investigation & Planning module we will keep the screens of Projects, Water Utilization, Basin wise inflow & outflow, Ground water reading, Daily Gauge site Reading, Gauge Discharge Sites, Inter Departmental Issues, Estimated Outlays, Project Documents, Scheme Details, Water sharing Issues & Corresponding Details for Review on projects.

20. Irrigation and Water Management:-

In this module we track all the activities related to the water distribution and water demand, maintenance of canal system and billing management. In this module we maintain the record of Operation and Maintenance of Headwork, Recording Irrigated area and revenue, Checking of Irrigated areas, Structure details, Complaints details, Master data.

21. Mechanical Works

In this module we track all the Mechanical Works by maintaining the record like Tube well , Lift Canal, Heavy Earth Equipment, Indent Details, And several reports related to the same points.

22. Research Activities:-

In this module we maintain the record related to the all the research activities of the department. We maintain the record like Research agency detail, Research request details, Estimate details, Research report and final bill details, hydrogeological survey details, rainwater harvesting details.



By running and managing general administration module we support some technical and executive functions.

24. IT Management:-

In this module we record MIS maintenance, System details, vendor details, standard system problems, hardware details, report on hardware details.

25. Complaint:-

In this module we record complaints and grievances of the employees of irrigation & water resources department, u.p.

26. Support (Diary & Dispatch, File Tracking, Document, Team):-

In this module we record the details of diary and dispatch of letters in the department.