Important Orders/ Instructions

S.NO. Subject Download
11 Training on Government e-marketplace Size : 13.4MB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date:03-01-2018 View & Download
10 For registration as a Secondary user in role of Consignee/Buyer/Paying Authority on GeM Portal. Size : 225KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date:02-01-2017 View & Download
9 Regarding training program for representatives of departments for purchase of material & services from Government e-Market Plus Portal. Size : 1.82MB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 12-12-2017 View & Download
8 Regarding registration of Secondary Users for working as Buyer/Consignee/D.D.O. for purchase of material & Services from Government e-Market Plus. Size : 1.14MB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 11-12-2017 View & Download
7 Regarding opening of State GeM Pool Account for implementation of GeM Portal. Size : 1.10MB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 30-11-2017 View & Download
6 Training program for representatives of various departments for purchase of Material/Services from GeM Portal. Size : 64KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 29-12-2017 View & Download
5 Regarding forming of Cell of Technical Officer of GeM for settlement of issues occurring while purchasing of material/services in Government Department on GeM. Size : 49KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 28-11-2017 View & Download
4 Regarding nominating Chief Engineer (Central), Irrigation & Water Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow as Nodal Officer. Size : 205KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 23-11-2017 View & Download
3 Regarding nominating officers as Primary users and Verifying users for using Government E-marketplace portal as E-procurement. Size : 96KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 30-10-2017 View & Download
2 Guidelines for purchase of material and services supply on GeM Portal. Size : 215KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 25-08-2017 View & Download
1 Regarding implementation of Government e-Marketplace developed by Government of India for purchase of material and services in administrative departments and sub-ordinate institutions of Uttar Pradesh. Size : 135KB Lang. : Hindi Uploaded Date: 23-08-2017 View & Download