Standing Orders & Circulars : Floods

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1. Installation of 45 Flood control rooms For monitoring of daily flood condition order has been issused for installation of state wide 45 flood controls rooms including Central Flood Control Room in Lucknow Wide E-in-C Size : 1.29MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 04-07-17 View & Download
2. Temporary Telephone for flood Season. For sharing flood informations efficiently 55 temporary telephones are proposed to be installed in office & residence of flood officers wide E-in-C (I&P flood) officeSize : 2.01MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 31-03-17 View & Download
3. Installation of 110 Wireless Centres To collect & deliver flood information quickly throughout the state 110 wireless centres are proposed to be installed at important places in districts. Letter has been issued wide E-in-C (I&P flood) Size : 1.54MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 17-03-17 View & Download
4. Designating flood nodal and Co-ordinating officers For collecting flood information, co-ordinating with other department concerned with flood and for follow up action on flood related problems coming from public representatives superintending engineer is designated as nodal officer & Executive Engineer as co-ordinating officer. Order has been issued wide E-in-C (I&P flood) office Size : 2.84MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 10-04-17 View & Download
5. Guidelines to field engineers about flood management Guidelines / Order for pre flood preparation and flood management during flood have been issued wide E-in-C (Planning) Size : 3.48MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 04-04-17 View & Download
6. Flood Steering group meeting in district At district level there is a flood steering group under the district magistrate comprising officers from other departments as member of the group to effectively deal with the problems during flood. Letter to hold the steering group meeting have been issued wide E-in-C (I&P flood) to Field Engineers & District Magistrate.Size : 1.47MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on :17-03-17 View & Download
7. Designating officers for Inter state & Inter national flood problems

Water from neighbouring state eg. Haryana, Uttrakhand, Rajsthan, Delhi, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh enter in Uttar prdesh through different Rivers / Dains and create flood in different parts of Uttar prdesh. For resolving such inter state flood problems by deliberation  with concerned states designated officers are as below:-

  • Haryana, Delhi, Rajsthan & Uttrakhand (Yamuna Basin)- Chief Engineer, (Yamuna) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Okhla New Delhi.
  • Uttrakhand (Ganga Basin) - Chief Engineer, (Ganga) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Meerut.
  • Bihar- Chief Engineer, (Gandak) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Gorakhpur.
  • Madhya Pradesh- Chief Engineer, (Betwa) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Jhansi.

Water entering in uttar Pradesh from Nepal nation through different Rivers / Dains due to heavy rain / cloud brust in Nepal create severe flood problems in Tarai and eastern Utter Pradesh.
For resolving such international state flood problems by deliberation with concerned states officials and C.W.C Delhi designated officers are as below:-
--- Chief Enginees (Sharda) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Bareily - River Sharda.
 ---Chief Enginees (Sharda Sahayak) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Lucknow- River Ghagra
  ---Chief Enginees (Saryu-1) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Faizabad - River Saryu
  ---Chief Enginees (Gandak) I. & w.r.deptt. UP. Gorakpur- River Rapti & Gandak

  Letter has been issued to concernd wide E-in-C (I&P flood) for above action.Size : 645KB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 27-02-17
View & Download
8. Physical verification of Pre flood Preprations in very sensitive /sensitive districts For districts which are very sensitive/ sensitive to flood verifications teams have been fromed to verifiy the condition of embankements, bunds, regulators etc. and availability of sufficient reserve stock at critical places  wide E-in-C (I&P flood) Size : 1.44MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 13-04-17 View & Download

4. Flood Report 2016Size : 1.40MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : - View & Download
3. Flood Prativadan 2015Size : 1.47MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on :- View & Download
2. Revision of Alignment and Specification of TatbandhSize : 8.91MB | Lang: Hindi | Uploaded on : 23-11-2007 View & Download
1. Guidelines On Flood ManagementSize : 311KB | Lang: English | Uploaded on : - View & Download