Chief Engineer-II (Investigation & Planning), Aligarh

By Office Memorandum no. 1603/सत्ताईस-1-2015-29/2015, dated -02.05.2015 of Principal Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Government, Irrigation and Water Resources Section-1, Lucknow, under functional requirement, specification of infrastructure of Irrigation and Water Resource Department, Uttar Pradesh, Engineer Service (Civil Cadre) Chief Engineer Level-1 and Chief Engineer Level-2 is done as Chief Engineer, Research & Planning, Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Aligarh.

By letter no. 1084/सत्ताईस-13-2017-9ख0प0/2014, 01.06.2017 of Principal Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Department, Irrigation and Water Resources, Section-13 Lucknow and by office memorandum no. जी-142/अधि0-5/पुनर्गठन, dated-08.06.2017 of Principal Secretary (Establishment-5 Section) Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow order has been issued to newly establish Mandal and Khands under Chief Engineer, Research and Planning, Aligarh. In this order it has been directed that according to restructuring of organisation/mandal/khand this organisation will execute the works as following:

  • Survey of Irrigation and Flood Control Projects as demanded by Executing Organisation by Research and Planning Organisation, detailed report of projects will be prepared and approval proceeding will be done at different level.
  • For construction work data/information related to region of project will be provided to Research and Planning Khand by Authorised Executing Khand.
  • For execution of work of above Research and Planning Organisation needed fund will be provided from provisioned Survey and T.&P. particular.
  • Under this organisation Two Mandal Offices and subordinate to them four Khand Offices are working.