Chief Engineer-II (Madhya Ganga), Aligarh

The Madhya Ganga Canal has originated from Chaudhary Charan Singh Madhya Ganga Barrage on the Ganga river in Bijnore district. The Chaudhary Charan Singh Madhya Ganga Barrage has been constructed under this project. The proposed distribution system of 1297.43 km length has been constructed with a peak capacity of 234 cumec (8280 cusec). The surplus water available in the Ganga river in the rainy season is used by the canal system for irrigation of paddy crop. Through this project, surplus water is made available to existing canals in the command area of the Upper Ganga Canal in the Kharif season, by which 1,14,000 hectares of land is irrigated. In Ghaziabad, Bulandshahr and Aligarh districts, irrigation is provided for Kharif/paddy in 2,56,000 hectares agricultural land by constructing a new canal system with 64,000 hectare irrigation capacity. Irrigation water is being provided by this project consistently since 1988 for Kharif crop.

Vide an office memorandum no 1594/3/E-5 Nodal/Reorganization/Madhya Ganga Second Phase/ Work Distribution, dated 10.07.2008 of the office of the Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, all works of parallel Upper Ganga Canal, and all works of Mot Feeder (canal distribution system), have been transferred to Aligarh Division Ganga Canal, Aligarh under the control of the Chief Engineer (Ganga). As a result of this, the proposed irrigation capacity of the sole Lakhavati branch system of this organization is 46,566 hectares. This irrigation is provided to Kharif crop in Hapur, Bulandshahr and Aligarh districts. In the Kharif 1423 crop of the year 2015-16, irrigation was provided to 56,509 hectares as against the target of 57,000 hectares. Prior to the Kharif 1423 crop, approval has been obtained for silt cleaning by the Engineer-in-Chief and head of the Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. Accordingly, silt cleaning has been done in 65.60 km of Rajbaha and 41.80 of Minor canals under the departmental head at a cost of Rs 32.13 lakh. The irrigation target in year 2015-16 Kharif 1423 crop was 57,000 hectares and 125 tail feeding. As against this the irrigation target has been almost achieved.

In year 2012-13 under 13th Finance Commission, project was approved for reconstruction of internal section of  Madhya Ganga Canal first phase for Madhya Ganga main canal (km 0.00 to km 102.45), Lakhavati branch (from km 0.00 to 63.940 km) and Lakhavati branch 63.940 up to the tail. The total cost of this is Rs 7463.82 lakh. As against this, an amount of Rs 1800.00 lakh was received in year 2012-13 and Rs 4678.00 lakh in year 2013-14, meaning a total of Rs 6478.00 lakh. This amount has been utilized for reconstruction of the internal section of the main canal (km 0.00 to km 102.45) and Lakhavati branch km 63.940 up to the tail.

Canal operation in Kharif crop faces difficulty because of excessive deposit of silt in the Lakhavati branch and the farmers do not get adequate irrigation water. For this, a project has been prepared for the reconstruction of the Lakhavati branch from km 0.00 to km 63.940. The cost of this is Rs 946.68 lakh which has been approved by the Chief Engineer Committee. The reconstruction work of Lakhavati branch will be started after funds are allocated.

Main works of the project are as following

  • Top works (Madhya Ganga Barrage): Length of barrage 582.50 meter maximum flood control capacity 17,000 cumec, clear waterway of barrage 504.00 meter and two canal regulators (left and right bank).
  • Madhya Ganga canal: Top capacity of canal is 234 cumec (8280 cusec) and length of canal is 116.45 km.
  • Distribution system of Lakhawati branch. Its exit point is at 84.30 km of Madhya Ganga. Maximum extraction capacity of the branch is 2,225 cusec, length 73.45 k.m. total length of distribution system 942.64 km and irrigation capacity is 46,566 hectare (rice paddy).
  • Mott branch feeder and its distribution system. Its exit point is at 240.00 km of upper Ganga and its maximum decantation capacity is 2720 cusec. This system is looked after by Ganga project (organization/unit) of Meerut