Chief Engineer-II Ram Ganga


Bhimgaura headwork was constructed in 1854 on Ganga river near Haridwar to provide irrigation facility in western Uttar Pradesh through upper ganga canal along with few part of district Kanpur and Fatehpur by Kanpur Branch and Etawah Branch. After the drought of 1866, there was a need to provide irrigation facility to the districts below Kanpur. To fulfill this, the Kanpur branch was re-established by constructing a diversion veer on the Ganges river in Narora district, Bulandshahr, in 1878, forming the Farrukhabad branch and Bhoganipur branch, and this canal system was known as Lower Ganga Canal System. With the above five branches of this canal system, irrigation facility was provided in Etah, Kasganj, Mainpuri, Firozabad, Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Etawah, Auraiya, Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar, Fatehpur and Kaushambi.
Meanwhile Ramganga multipurpose project got started. In the year 1961, it was decided to construct Narora Barrage in place of Narora Veer on Narora to subdivide the water derived from it into the canals of the lower Ganga Canal System. It was completed in 1968. After completion of Ramaganga Project in 1978, 8500 cusec was supplied to Lower Ganga Canal System.

After the completion of the Parallel Lower Ganga Canal Project in the year 1982, this system started receiving 4200 cusecs of additional water through the parallel Lower Ganga Canal which total became 12700 cusecs of water in the Kharif crop and the irrigation potential created in 11.64 lakh hectares of agricultural land has increased from 34 percent to 41.50 percent in Kharif. Thus, in the year 1978-79, the Western Prayagraj branch was constructed to increase the irrigation capacity of the lower Ganga Canal System.

In order to provide irrigation facility in the districts of Fatehpur and Kaushambi in the command area of the lower Ganga Nagar, two pump canals Kishanpur Pump Canal and Jarauli Pump Canal each have 420 cusec capacity have been constructed. One pump standby is installed in each pump canal with 07 pumps of 60 cusec capacity. The Kishanpur Pump Canal is built near the village of Kishanpur on the left bank of the Yamuna River. The total length of this pump canal system is 264.770 km and to provide irrigation facility to the tail portion it is connected through feeder channel at 116.000 km of Fatehpur branch. Even after the construction of both the said pump canals, proper irrigation facility is not available in Kaushambi and Fatehpur districts. Therefore, a project of 400 cusec increase capacity of the Bhitora Pump Canal on the Ganges River under the Bhitaura Development Block has been proposed under the Bhitaura Development Block in Fatehpur district, which is under trial at the Central Water Commission in New Delhi.

Under the organization, the development block Barnahal in the district of Mainpuri, Sheikhpur Hathwant development block in Firozabad district Khergarh and development block Talagram and Jalalabad in district Kannauj are under Darkzone.

Barnahal new canal project for these areas, Barnala new canal project, Badnapur new canal expansion development block, Sheikhpur Hathwant, Jasarana Navi Canal project for irrigation in Kheragarh and drinking water in district Firozabad and Talagram new canal project for development block Talagram and Jalalabad are under construction.