Irrigation Workshop, Bareilly-Introduction

In year 1948 central agriculture workshop, Bareilly was inaugurated by Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant, former Prime Minister, Joint Province. In meanwhile this changed into Irrigation workshop, Bareilly and came under control of Irrigation Workshop Circle, Kanpur. This workshop is expanded in area of 17.5 acre. There are 19 shades established in this workshop. Construction of water mechanical plants of gates of various barrages, dams and regulators of Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh is done by 82 machines/equipment installed in following shops.

Shop Details
Fabrication Shop-First:- Fabrication work of Leg, superstructure, balance box, imvadement.
Fabrication Shop-Second:- Fabrication work of shutter, leg, Superstructure, balance box, imvadement.
Fabrication Shop-Second expansion:- Fabrication work of shutter, leg, superstructure, balance box, imvadement.
Machine Shop:- Construction and assembling of lifting mechanism.
Fitting Shop:- Assembling and other works of vinch box of lifting mechanism.
Smithy Shop:- Production and filling and testing and other works of leg bolt, shape socket.
Foundry Shop:- Molding work of bronze items.
Molding work of bronze items. Making of Pattern.

Construction of following various important projects of water mechanical plants has been done by this workshop of Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh, which is still working smoothly.

Dam and Barrages Name
1. Narora Barrage 8. Nanak Sagar Dam
2. Naugarh Dam 9. Rasin Dam
3. Musakhand Dam 10. Kurar Dam
4. Chandra Prabha Dam 11. Lehchura Dam
5. Sharda Sagar Chuka Head. 12. Adwa Barrage
6. Gokul Barrage 13. Kachnada Dam etc
7. Ganga Barrage, Kanpur.  

Almost construction of 600 major/medium and small gates of various projects has been done by this workshop in last 20 year.