Chief Engineer-II (Betwa-Project)

Farmer of Bundelkhand region was forced to migrate being the region was facing continuous draught from last few decades and many farmers died too because of draughts. Many animals have also died because of lack of drinking water. Irrigation facilities were next to none in the region and reason being the land became unirrigated. Farmers were basically depending on the rains for agriculture which led to the diminishing economical state. In view of the above circumstances, the need to construct new irrigation projects in the Bundelkhand region for irrigation purposes felt. Government has constituted Project Betwa Organization, Jhansi in 1988. This organization is involved in construction work of dams on various rivers for irrigation purposes on agricultural land of Bundelkhand region which was unirrigated. At present undermentioned 10 projects have been completed and irrigation facilities are being provided in the region from these projects:- 1. Lakheri Dam Project, 2. Sijar Dam Project, 3. Kurar Dam Project, 4. Majhgawan Dam Subsidiary Project, 5. Aungasee Pump Canal Project, 6. Choudhary Charan Singh Lahchoora Dam Modern Project, 7. Kyolari Dam Subsidiary Project, 8. Kachnouda Dam Project, 9. Lower Rohini Dam Project, 10. Utaari Dam Project.

These dams have been made able to irrigate 90753 Hectare land, uplifting of ground water level and drinking water being made available. Economic condition of Bundelkhand region has been improved, continuous migration is minimized and relief provided to the farmers as well as to the common public.
Apart from the above, 11 projects are under construction whose approximately 50% work has been completed. These projects will be able to irrigate 69207 hectare land. 1. Bhourant Dam Project, 2. Jamrar Dam Project, 3. Pahoonj Dam Project, 4. Rasin Dam Project, 5. Arjun Subsidiary Dam Project, 6. Pahadee Dam Modernization Project, 7. Ratouli Wear Dam Project, 8. Bhavni Dam Project, Bandai Dam Project, 10. Babina Canal Project, 11. Erach Multipurpose Dam Project.
02 Nos. Solar Power Plants are also being constructed by this organization for Power generation. 1. 3.42 MW Solar Power Plant Project in district Lalitpur. 2. 2.50 MW Power generation work in district Lalitpur is also proposed. Apart from the above mentioned projects, construction of new 05 Nos. dams is also proposed in district Lalitpur by this organization. Construction action will be taken seeing the feasibility. 228601 Hectare land is expected to be irrigated after completion of these projects.
1. Virat Sagar Dam Project, 2. Baghen Dam Project, 3. Dhurwara Dam Project, 4. Taktaiya Dam Project, 5. Bant Dam Project.