Chief Engineer-II (Budget), Lucknow

Chief Engineer (Budget) is working under the Chief Engineer and Head of the Department, Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. At present, mainly grant number 94 and 95 are active in the irrigation department. Under grant number 94, construction work of irrigation department includes revenue accounting and capital accounting.

For the Financial Year 2017-18, under the Grant No. 94 in the Revenue Accounts and Capital Accounts, there is a budget provision of a total amount of money Rs. 691981.57 lakh, including a budget of Rs. 320910.73 lakh under the revenue account and a budget of Rs. 371070.84 lakh under the capital account. In addition to the said a budget provision of Rs 500.00 lakhs is also Prevalent.

Acceptance of provisional budget for the current financial year on the withdrawal of Chief Engineer and Head of the Department under various account heads such as 4700, 4701, 4702, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2711, 4711, after approval of the Finance Department, through the administrative department is sent to the office of Chief Engineer and Head of the Department. On which after the approval of the Chief Engineer and Head of the Department, the action of is issued, Chief Engineer (Budget), the budget allocation authority letter is issued. Proposal received by the Regional Chief Engineers regarding the budget allocated by the Office of the Chief Engineer (Budget), is proposed by the Chief Engineer (budget) of the Chief Executive Officer (Budget), the Finance Department, for the quarterly receipt of the proposal. The monthly Observation of the above works is done by the Chief Engineer (Monitoring and Evaluation), Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.;

Proposals for issuing financial approvals are sent to the Government after the approval of Chief Engineer and Head of the Department, on the basis of a demand letter from the Regional Chief Engineers relative to the budget system provisioned on various projects/canal systems and flood projects in the financial year. Similarly, in addition to the funds sanctioned on various project/canal systems and flood projects, as per the requirement at the level of Regional Chief Engineers, the proposal for reconstruction / supplementary / state contingency fund is also processed as per the available savings against the demand.

For financial year 2017-18, provisioned funds under the Grant no. 95 in the Department of Irrigation (establishment) (Rs 403260.08 lakhs, which includes departmental salary and other heads are allocated directly by the Finance Controller).