Chief Engineer-II (ISO)

The information system organization has been established by Irrigation & Water Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh “For successful implementation of MIS in UPID to develop a suitable organizational structure for the Management Information System. MIS shall be responsible for planning, design, realization, implementation and evaluation of one or more information system in such a way that the requirements of stakeholders are met.An effective Information System Organization (I.S.O.) is a pre requisite for the successful implementation of MIS for which the required structure and roles have been suggested. The trained persons must be utilized in the area of their expertise. The training must focus on specific needs of UPID.” TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES selected for consultancy as per WorldBank guidelines under Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project for computerization in all the offices of U.P. Irrigation Department. Computerization works under various agreements in I.S.O. started in July 2012 under Project Component C1-Consolidation and Enhancement of Irrigation Department reforms organization/department with activity UPID Modernization & Capacity Building in Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project Phase-II.

Under this project various work of computerization has been done. These are as follows:

  • Procurement of 1000 Desktop computers, printers, ups in UPWSRP Phase I
  • Development of Data Centre, MIS application, Web portal & mail messaging services.
  • Hiring of I.T. professionals.
  • Procurement of 500 laptops, 900 desktop computers, 100 AutoCAD, 40 colour printer, 600 laser printer, 260 multifunction printer, 20 plotter, 1000 UPS, 1 KVA UPS.
  • Development of Control & Command Centre, Video Conferencing System
  • Provision of Internet services such as 4 Mbps in Hon.’ Irrigation Minister Camp, 10 Mbps in Principle Secretary Camp, 4 Mbps in E-in-C Office, 10 Mbps Control & Command Centre, 20 Mbps in Data Centre