Brief description regarding works to be done by Irrigation Workshop Division, Gorakhpur.

Irrigation workshop division, Gorakhpur was established in year 1983-83. Steam machine, black smithy steam, foundry and moulding steam etc. are established is this workshop. This workshop is I.S.O. 9001-2008 certified. The total area of workshop premises is 30,635 square meter and 51 machine/equipment are installed. Approved posts of labours in industrial establishment are 126. Under Tubewell (East) Ayodhya zone supply of spare parts and hardware of established state tube wells and hardware supply of newly established tube wells is done, of Ayodhya, Gorakhpur, Gonda, Basti, circles and Azamgarh circle of tube well (Varanasi) zone. In this workshop mainly hardware and reducers of new tube wells, socket, doors of pump houses of tube wells, windows, ventilator, C.I.band, base plate, main hole cover, V-notch plate etc. are supplied alongwith production and supply of spare parts of operating tubewells, bush of gun metal, neckring, thrust plate, thrust bearing, pump impeller, stainless steel pump bhafat, line bhafat of V.T. pump sets, etc. to various tube well construction divisions and tube wells divisions. Along with above small gates of canal are constructed and established by workshops as per need of civil divisions. As per need M.S. pipe, barj etc. hardware are produced for tributaries/small tributaries canal.

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Irrigation workshop division, Gorakhpur

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