Brief remark regarding works of Irrigation Workshop Division, Kanpur

Irrigation Workshop Division Kanpur established in 1970-71 on transfer from Agriculture Department. This workshop is established in 7/7 Nawabganj. Total area of this workshop is 9220 sq. meter.

This workshop is registered under Factory ACT 1948. Workers working in workshop come under Industrial Establishment. Labor ACT applies on these workers. Their services come under Industrial Employment Model Standing Order ACT 1992 which came into effect from 24.07.1992 issued by Industrial Employment (Standing Order) ACT 1946 and Uttar Pradesh Government. This workshop is I.S.O. 9001-2008 certified. In this workshop spare parts and hardware for established state tube well and hardware for newly establishing tube well are being supplied in Kanpur, Lucknow, Jhansi circle comes under Tube well (Central) zone.

In Irrigation Workshop Division Kanpur 40 machines are installed for various purpose. 100 posts are approved for Industrial Establishment in Irrigation Workshop Division and 65 posts are approved in regular establishment.

In this workshop mainly hardware of new tube well such as reducers, socket, bale plug, well cap, doors of pump house of tube well, windows, ventilator, C.I. band, base plate, main hole cover, V-notch plate etc. and spare part of established tube well such as bush of gunmetal, neck ring, thrust plate, thrust bearing, pump implier, stainless steel pump shaft, line soft of V.T. pump sets etc. products are being produced and supplied to various Tube Well Construction Divisions and Tube Well Divisions. As per the requirement of Civil Divisions construction of small canal gates and its establishment work is also done by the workshop. Necessary M.S. pipe, Barj etc. hardware production is also done for branch canal/small branch as per the need.

Irrigation Workshop Division, Kanpur